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About the show

The Locked Loaded and Legal Podcast is what happens when you put two former New Yorkers, both experts in their fields and both incredibly passionate about your right to defend yourself and your loved ones and both committed to teaching you the firearm related lessons you need to know so that you don't end up learning through costly mistakes.

Your hosts, firearms instructor José D. Morales and firearms attorney Mike A. Giaramita Jr. bring decades of practical firearms safety, training, education and legal expertise to listeners interested in candid, no nonsense information that cuts to the core of the issues faced by anyone that is considering picking up a firearm for personal protection.

The Locked Loaded and Legal Podcast...promoting firearms safety, training and education, so you don't learn the hard way.

Your Hosts

Instructor José D. Morales

Is a multi-disciplinarily certified Firearms Instructor, expert firearms related legal consultant, US Army Veteran and lead instructor and owner of Philly Firearms Academy possessing over two decades of teaching and firearms experience. One of Philadelphia's most respected firearms educators, he is recognized for his passion for firearms education and dynamic teaching style.

Over the course of his career, José has trained thousands individuals in areas ranging from firearms safety and safe gun handling, range safety officership, firearms instructorship to concealed carry and civilian use of deadly force. He is one of handful of instructors in the country directly selected by the NRA Department of Education & Training to consult on the application of alternate technologies for firearms education and one of the 16 founding instructors chosen nationwide for the establishment of the Practical Pistol Coach Instructor Certification Course.

José can be reached by email at jose@lockedloadedandlegal.com or via the Philly Firearms Academy website at www.phillyguntraining.com.

Attorney Mike A. Giaramita Jr.

Is the founder of Giaramita Law Offices, P.C. with offices in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg areas. Over the course of his career, Mike has become a source of authority on the laws of firearms and self defense, being licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Constantly litigating for firearms rights, Mike is additionally an educator. He is the co-author of, Pennsylvania Gun Law: Armed and Educated, and recently authored an article for the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers examining complicated is- sues that affect Pennsylvanians' firearms rights.

He has been a featured guest at over 500 firearms and self-defense related lectures (and counting) to both common citizens and other attorneys. Giaramita's legal efforts have garnered media coverage, serving as a featured guest on Cam & Company of NRA News, and dozens of additional news sources. No stranger to the microphone, Giaramita was a recurring guest on The Gun Guys on WHP 580 and the Tri-State's Live & Local Morning Show on 103.7

Mike can be reached by email at mike@lockedloadedandlegal.com or via the Giaramita Law Offices website at www.glawpa.com